Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are excellent options for saving teeth that have been badly decayed or treated with a root canal. Other reason for requiring a crown or bridge would be severe staining which can not be corrected with bleaching alone and restoring fractured teeth. A crown and bridge are essentially the same thing in that they are both constructed out of ceramic, although there are several different materials which may be used depending on an individual situation or patient preference. A crown serves as a restoration for a single tooth, while a bridge serves to restore multiple teeth. When a tooth is extracted or is simply missing from birth, a bridge is an excellent alternative to restore the missing tooth. Compared to implants, bridges are a more immediate solution.

Once the teeth are prepared, an highly accurate impression of the teeth are made and a temporary bridge made of resin composite (an extremely durable BPA free plastic material) is seated to maintain the space of the missing tooth. The bridge is then placed a week or two later as opposed to an implant which may take months to integrate. Bridges are also a great alternative to replacing multiple teeth and are fixed onto the abutment teeth, so you never need to worry about removing anything, much like you would in a removable partial denture. Crowns and bridges are similar to your natural teeth in both look and feel, and will need to be brushed and flossed like any other tooth. For any further questions, please do not hesitate to email or call us at 512-448-9669.

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