There are two types of cleanings. For patients who brush and floss daily, a routine cleaning is enough to help with trouble spots and maintain optimal health for your teeth and gums. Routine cleanings occur twice a year. A deep cleaning is very different from a routine cleaning. Instead of removing plaque and/or tartar buildup on the parts of the the teeth and gums you can see in the mouth, the cleaning continues on deeper underneath the gums. This is required when the effects of periodontal disease have caused the gum tissue to separate away from the teeth, forming deeper pockets where food and bacteria can become lodged. Deep cleanings involve the use of ultra sonic and hand instruments in order to dislodge this buildup. These types of cleanings typically involve multiple visits due to the time and care it takes to carefully remove all buildup. Patients who require deep cleanings are also seen four times a year, so as to closer monitor the patient’s return to health. At Sweet Tooth Dental, we feel that the patient should be fully invested in their oral health.

No matter what procedures can be successfully performed at the office, it is important that each and every patient do their part in between visits. This includes daily brushing and flossing as well as having a healthy diet, refraining from tobacco use and keeping regular dental appointments. We recommend using Glide Floss due to it’s composition. It slides in easily between crowded teeth and tight spaces and rarely rips or tears, making for the most comfortable flossing experience possible. We are also big proponents of electric toothbrushes like Sonic Care. With adjustable speeds, a timer and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three weeks, there is no other type of toothbrush like it on the market. It helps every patient remove the most plaque possible, from difficult to reach wisdom teeth to crowded lower front teeth.

Any patient that has switched to an electric toothbrush can attest that brushing with a manual toothbrush afterwards feels as if they had barely brushed their teeth at all! For any further questions, please do not hesitate to email or call us at 512-448-9669.

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